Complete Badminton Bundle

Complete Badminton Bundle
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The Complete Badminton Bundle is a collection of all of Coach Lee's videos. Save 10% from purchasing the videos separately!

The Complete Badminton Bundle includes:

  • Advanced Footwork Video
  • Backhand Clear 'The Wave'
  • Backhand Clear Video
  • Badminton Basic Drills
  • Badminton Fitness Training
  • Badminton Stroke Skills Video
  • Coach Lee's Stories to Players
  • Coaches 1 Video
  • Doubles Play Corrections
  • Follow Lee - 1: Basic Movement and Wrist Training Video
  • Follow Lee - 2: Net Kill Video
  • Footwork - Level 1: The Basic Movement Skills Video
  • Forehand Net Deceptive Flick
  • Fun Warming Up
  • How to Become an Advanced Player Video
  • Level Doubles Video
  • Mixed Doubles Video
  • Philosophy and Principles Video
  • Play to Win Video
  • Poor Badminton Player's Behaviour Video
  • Power Smash Video
  • Service, Return of Service, Net Deceptions and Tactics Video
  • Singles Play Corrections Vol. 1
  • Singles Play Corrections Vol. 2
  • Smash Correction
  • Smash Defense Training in Doubles
  • The Five Most Important Things In Badminton Video
  • What Destroys Your Backhand Clear
  • What Destroys Your Smash Vol. 1
  • What Destroys Your Smash Vol. 2


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