What Destroys Your Smash Vol. 2

What Destroys Your Smash Vol. 2
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Coach Lee shows the mistakes that players make in their Smash and how to correct their Smash.


  • Turning your body too early
  • Not doing step one
  • Final step is too small or too quick
  • Doing a sliding step
  • Not doing the second step
  • Hit with a bent arm
  • Taking the smash at the side of your body
  • Grip too loose
  • Having wrong thumb position
  • Doing pushing arm action instead of hitting

Running Time: 1:05:12

720p Video File:

  • Resolution : 720p
  • Codec : H.264
  • Size Part 1: 193MB
  • Size Part 2: 220MB

After purchase, the files can be downloaded from the Downloads page.

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