Advanced Footwork Video

Advanced Footwork Video
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With his unique approach to coaching and Badminton, Coach Lee Jae Bok presents "Advanced Footwork", a video on the logic of badminton movement, for players wishing to understand more about Coach Lee's technique and the reasons behind his movement, this video is a necessity.

Download the High Quality Trailer.


  • Key movement logic
  • "Step One", start
  • "Step One", stop
  • "Step One", transfer
  • Detailed corners
  • Practising Step one
  • Footwork training drills
  • Movement training

Running Time: 68 minutes

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  • Resolution : 720p
  • Codec : H.264
  • Size : 442MB

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  • Resolution : 480p
  • Codec : H.264
  • Size : 208MB

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